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Live and work in Colombia as an English instructor or assistant.

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The programme aims to bring volunteers from abroad to teach English in rural schools with few resources. 

Since 2012, every year people who sign up for our project come to this country and have the 


Come and help improve lives! ;)

chance to live and work here as an English assistant or English instructor. 

Their help is priceless, they give the chance to people from the countryside to see that there is a world beyond their village and that they can be part of it, participate in it and achieve more than they have dreamt of.


More than English is a project which believes that the proper way to teach languages, change minds, and destroy borders is with International exchanges. So we invite people from abroad to this amazing country to have the chance to live , work and experience what Colombia really is. 

About colombia

Colombia is a country which is currently under construction, recovering from its past of guerilla and drug wars. 

People are striving to write a new history where education, equality and order are in the first place. Colombia is one of the megadiverse countries in biodiversity, ranking first in bird species. As for plants, the country has between 40,000 and 45,000 plant species, equivalent to 10 or 20% of total global species, this is even more remarkable given that Colombia is considered a country of intermediate size. Colombia is the second most biodiverse country in the world More than English is a programme that wants to help Colombia to become a bilingual country and offer its citizens better opportunities.



João Magalhães


Maja Hawranek

Mariia Avvakumova

This is one of lots of the amazing memories I took from volunteering in Cogua, near Zipaquira - "Mundialito", mini-world cup which took place on every long break in June 2014. I am an independent journalist and together with my boyfriend Simon back than we were trying to launch our Latin-American project: www.intoamericas.com/en. We stopped in Zipaquira for three months and never regretted it. Working with Alejo in his mother's school was an enriching experience - not only did we learn about different way of approaching students (in Poland it's impossible to see grown-up students hugging their professor in the corridos, what a pity!) but also we made great friends. I absolutely recommend it to anyone who would like to sink in one of the warmest and sweetest cultures of Latin America. Colombia tierra querida!


I had come to Colombia to participate in this project for three months and then I decided to prolong my staying and working there for 1 year more. In the beginning I was kinda afraid to go to this country with such a weird image created by mass media. But I was so amazed when I arrived there. The people are so friendly and ready to help you whenever you need, the accommodation is the best in the town with a private room, common living room and the kitchen, meals (breakfast, snack and lunch during working days), the place is safe, and they even pay. That was another reason why I 've chosen this project...sometimes you even need to pay for your volunteer work, here they provide everything and you have a salary. And you can live and even travel with this money. And the main thing you are becoming a part of big and the warmest family ever ;) It is not the easiest job to work with Colombian children. However their sweetness will reward you for all of their flaws :D They know what unconditional love means.

When I arrived in Colombia to participate in this project, i wasn't sure about what i was going to find! Famous for the guerrilla and drug cartels, i was apprehensive and anxious and only driven by my spirit of adventure! What i found: A marvelous country with infinite landscapes to discover; warm and friendly hearts everywhere trying to take care of you, kindness in every eyes i crossed! A surprising and invaluable experience that i surely will carry for life! They say in Colombia "The risk is wanting to stay!" Well...I stayed

Antoine Rousseau

I'm lucky to speak very well English even if it's not my native language as I'm French and I really enjoy speaking this foreign language. Teaching English to the children and pupils of "el Colegio de Cogua", near Zipaquira in Colombia, was a great experience. It was the first time that I was teaching English to a group of pupils, it was very interesting to deal with the organisation of the English lessons within the weekly timetable of the pupils. I was in Colombia for travelling but when I met Alejandro and when he told me that he had a English Project for Teaching English to young people in a school, I was really keen on helping him with his project.

Adila-Mike Nasir

I was travelling across Mexico and I found this project. I was acceted and bought a wa ticket straight to Colombia. I had the chance of living and working in Colombia for 4 months. The experience was unique, working with children and teens was challeging but funny. Colombian people is simply amazing and the bad news that media shows are far from the reality. The only risk in Colombia is wanting to stay.

Kasia Zdrojewska

I was working in Poland and I didn’t even notice when I settled down into a routine. I wanted to change my life and experience something different. I decided to apply for the project and luckily I can be a part of it right now. I am living and working in Colombia and I really enjoy it. Teaching children is challenging, however gives a lot of satisfaction. Moreover I have a chance to discover real Colombia and get to know Colombian culture. This amazing experience is something I was looking for.

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